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Eilean Eisdeal: Eilean Eisdeal Projects - ‘Rush and Gush’ Survey

Application to the Coastal Communities Fund

Further to the results and findings of the ‘Rush n Gush’ consultation Eilean Eisdeal put forward an application to the Coastal Communities Fund in May 2014.

You can now view this below. The consultation results clearly showed that the current waste/recycling provision for Easdale is unacceptable to many and there is a need for more formalised storage. A first stage application has been made and if successful would allow us to improve access to the island and formalise the area of land known as the ‘Rush n Gush’. Communication with Argyll and Bute Council Planning Dept regarding this matter is ongoing.

The funding would be used for the installation of a slipway and pontoon, upgrading the track into the Rush 'n' Gush, installation of hard standing to create a designated area for recycling and waste facilities, purchase of containers for storage and work areas and the installation of services into the Rush 'n' Gush.

The Eilean Eisdeal application to the Coastal Cummunities Fund is available for download below.

Download Coastal Cummunities Fund application

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