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Visitor Accommodation Draft Consultation Plan

Sunday 13th Sept 2009 saw the fourth public meeting to discuss proposals to develop the wasteland adjacent to the harbour. This development was a key component of the harbour purchase and is even more pertinent in the light of to-day’s funding climate, as access to the public purse becomes increasingly more challenging and a self-help model of achieving sustainability is the recognised way forward.

In response to the last meeting facilitated by QC John Campbell and to the many comments and questionnaires we have received it would seem appropriate to postpone the proposals for social housing and workshop premises until further consultation can be undergone. There were concerns that the proposed visitor accommodation was too large and should not be in front of the Coalree. We are therefore looking at plans for a relocated smaller facility for visitors, probably in the region of 12 beds.

The presentation of the proposal for Visitor Accommodation given by Argyle Architecture Ltd at the meeting is available for download below.

Download proposal

Download Visitor Lodge survey results

Visitor Accommodation Draft Consultation Plan