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Eilean Eisdeal: Newsletter Archive

Eilean Eisdeal periodically sends out a newsletter to all members, keeping them informed of the latest developments and projects.

Below is an archive of previous newletters in pdf format from March 1997, with the most recent at the top.

There were no newsletters between 2015 to 2020.

Storm Dennis 2020

Storm Dennis on the back shore 2020

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  • 2020 to present

    Eilean Eisdeal Newsletters from 2020 to date

    Newsletter 52 - July 2020
    Museum and Hall closed, plus the World Stone Skimming Championships cancelled due to covid-19, the channel has been dredged and gabions repaired

    Newsletter 52b - November 2021
    Argyll & Bute Council and Historic Environment Scotland contacted to ensure the protection and sustainability of the harbour. Volunteers requested for Museum and Hall work. Ideas being explored for playpark replacement.

    Newsletter 53 - April 2022
    Stoneskimming, Museum and harbour news plus a date is set for opening the Puffer. Hall gym equipment access and insurance news.

    Newsletter 54 - August 2022
    Stoneskimming cancelled again plus Hall maintenance news. EE commits funding for playpark with public consultation to be held soon.

  • 2010 to 2014

    Eilean Eisdeal Newsletters from 2010 to 2014

    electricity cable being laid

    new power cable being floated over

    Newsletter 51 - Feb 2014
    ‘Snow White & The Four Dwarfmen of The Apocalypse' panto review. New sub-sea electricity cable. Notice of Historic Scotland meeting and beach defence trial.

    Newsletter 50 - Nov 2013
    A weekend of celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of Easdale Island Community Hall. The Bin Shed collapses. TV celebrities from UK and Japan with flying tv cameras decend upon the World Stone Skimming Championships. Island owner Jonathon Feigenbaum charges £1000 to use his quarry again.

    Newsletter 49 - Nov 2012
    Island owner Jonathon Feigenbaum charges £1000 to use his quarry for the World Stone Skimming Championships, resulting national publicity ensures this year's Championships the busiest ever. Oral history project for the museum. Tidal energy project meeting.

    Newsletter 48 - Feb 2012
    Heat pump and solar PVs heating the hall. AGM, World Stone Skimming Championships, Burns Supper reviews plus New Year 2012 in pictures. Hall repairs and museum news. New EE director co-opted.

    Newsletter 47 - Sept 2011
    Atlantic Adventure Day success. OSCR dismisses complaints. Green Streets 'panto' presentation. Playpark Pirate Ship afloat. Arts festivals, exhibitions and concerts round-up.

    Newsletter 46 - May 2011
    The first full colour newsletter. Planning granted for heat pump and solar PVs. Scottish Islands funding for new museum project. Last minute Hall rescue operation. Harbourmaster appointed. Easdale RIB Rendezvous success. Miss Macfadyen's misdemeanour.

    Newsletter 45 - Nov 2010
    News of the Atlantic Adventure Day and The World Stone Skimming Championships fundraisers. Planning Applications submitted for a wind turbine, heat pump and solar PV panels. The new buccaneer ship and other play equipment assembled throughout the summer by a team of parents and volunteers.

    Newsletter 44 - May 2010
    Four nights' coverage on STV for Easdale. Two sell-out gigs in the Hall this year already. More Green Streets consultation. EGM to make changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Website updated and modernised. Award of £9,732 by The Big Lottery to renew and extend the playpark.

  • 2005 to 2009

    Eilean Eisdeal Newsletters from 2005 to 2009

    New playpark funded

    Newsletter 43 - November 2009
    Museum attendances up, revenue up, sales up and donations up. Argyle Architecture Ltd appointed to design visitor lodge. Easdale Island selected to receive £130,000 funding from the British Gas Green Streets programme to tackle community and household energy efficiency and to lower carbon footprint.

    Newsletter 42 - July 2009
    Third public meeting to discuss proposals to develop the wasteland adjacent to the harbour. Easdale Island Community Hall awarded Best Village Hall in the ForArgyll 2008 awards. Donation from Adrian Laycock Ltd with match funding from Arts and Business allowed us the opportunity to entice some bigger names to Easdale Island Community Hall.

    Newsletter 41 - November 2008
    Regatta raises a record amount. Lorn Local Plan - Reporter concludes that limited development should still be considered.

    Funding success for the museum.

    Newsletter 40 - July 2008
    Museum came into Eilean Eisdeal ownership. The 5th Anniversary of the re-opening of the hall - party time! Puffer Bar/Tearoom/Restaurant re-opens.

    Newsletter 39 - November 2007
    A committee has been set up to carry the museum development forward.

    Newsletter 38 - August 2007
    Funding application for the museum successful. The Lorn Local Plan intends to remove potential development areas from the island. Dennis the Tractor arrives. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, (OSCaR), concludes that none of the allegations made against Eilean Eisdeal were found to have any substance.

    Newsletter 37 - March 2007
    Harbour entrance closing over completely on more than one occasion. Most interruptions to ferry service ever. Charities regulator, OSCaR, continue requesting information following mischievous and unfounded complaints to them.

    Stone carvers Gillian Forbes and Martin Reilly with Easdale slate for the Scottish Parliament. The slate, now in situ on The Canongate Wall, contains a quote from 'Heart of Midlothian' by Sir Walter Scott

    Newsletter 36 - November 2006
    Seil and Easdale Community Council and the Easdale Island Residents’ and Property Owners’ Association finally endorse Eilean Eisdeal's efforts to save the museum.

    Newsletter 35 - March 2006
    Owner of museum building, Chris Nicolson, asks Eilean Eisdeal to run the museum on his behalf for the time being on a voluntary basis.

    Newsletter 34 - January 2006
    AGM. Hall report

    Newsletter 33 - November 2005
    ALIEnergy give presentation on possible sources of renewable energy that might be tapped into by the island.

    Newsletter 32 - June 2005
    Questionaire results in favour of: renovating the harbour; drawing up a Waste Management plan; sewage project; helping the Slate Island Heritage Trust to save the museum.

    Trust Update - Harbour Purchase Info
    How we bought the Harbour.

    Newsletter 31 - April 2005
    ‘Easdale Island Community Hall’ is officially declared the name for the renovated drill hall. New Hall website launched.

    Trust Update - March 2005
    Current status of areas of work

    Newsletter 30 - January 2005
    Easale slate makes it to the Scottish Parliament - Community Hall sign promised by sculptor.

  • 2000 to 2004

    Eilean Eisdeal Newsletters from 2000 to 2004

    Newsletter 29 - November 2004
    Interim harbour improvements almost complete.

    Newsletter 28 - Late August 2004
    Hall builders, MacVicar & MacInnes Ltd, have gone into liquidation.

    Newsletter 27 - August 2004
    Application for funding to buy the harbour has been successful. Funding has also been confirmed for a range of interim improvements and first aid measures to prevent further decline of the harbour.

    Newsletter 26 - April 2004
    Meeting held with the architect, quantity surveyor and builder to discuss resolving the various hall problems. Hall heating costs much higher than anticipated.

    Newsletter 25 - March 2004
    Easdale Island Pantomime makes cover of Oban Times.

    Newsletter 24 - Nov 2003
    Technics piano purchased with the funds raised by The Waterboys concert. Funding for interim harbour improvements secured. The Easdale Island Trading Company Ltd set up.

    Newsletter 23 - July 2003
    Hall opening weekend. First major concert - The Waterboys.

    Newsletter 22 - May 2003
    Photographer Colin McPherson took a group photo of all the islanders we could muster

    Newsletter 21 - April 2003
    Hall Manager appointed.

    Newsletter 20 - January 2003
    Hall opening party - date set.

    Newsletter 19 - October 2002
    Building work on the Community Hall has come on in leaps and bounds. Dialogue opened with potential funders for interim improvements to the harbour.

    Newsletter 17 and 18 combined - October 2001
    Community Hall funding secured. 50-year lease for the island's harbour signed.

    Newsletter 16 - June 2001
    Planning permission for hall granted. Application for funding from the Community Fund submitted.

    Newsletter 14 and 15 combined - June 2001
    The community hall project is at the planning application stage. Island owner has agreed to long term lease of harbour.

    Trust update - April 2001
    Update on progress of current projects: community hall; recycling facility; sewage treatment; harbour renovation.

    Newsletter 13 - Spring 2000
    SCVO awards Easdale a Community Computer. PA and heater bought for the hall.

  • 1997 to 1999

    Eilean Eisdeal Newsletters from 1997 - 1999

    Newsletter 12 - Spring 1999
    Architect David Jarvie produces a draft floorplan of proposed renovated hall. Islanders suggest Eilean Eisdale should undertake: Harbour dredging and restoration; provision of sewage treatment facility; provision of new refuse facility.

    Newsletter 11 - Winter 1998

    Newsletter 10 - Autumn 1998
    Victory in the cod farm battle announced. National Lottery Charities Board rejected application for a hall renovation grant.

    Newsletter 9 - Summer 1998
    The Cod Farm enquiry. David Jarvie appointed as architect for the Hall renovations.

    Newsletter 8 - Spring 1998
    £4,500 raised for the hall fund since September 97.

    Newsletter 7 - February 1998
    Easdale makes national news with helicopter lifts of emergency water supplies as the water supply is severed by storm.

    Newsletter 6 - December 1997
    The first AGM

    Newsletter 5 - October 1997
    Eilean Eisdeal is now a Company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

    Newsletter 4 - September 1997
    World Stone Skimming Championships revived.

    Newsletter 3 - August 1997
    Eilean Eisdeal is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Aims set out.

    Newsletter 2 - August 1997
    Main points of the memorandum of association of Eilean Eisdeal stated.

    Newsletter 1 - March 1997
    Adrian Laycock states his intention to donate or lease the Fish Hall to the Trust.