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Upcoming talks in Feb

Talks hosted in Easdale Island Community Hall about possible solutions to issues facing island communities. All welcome.

11 Feb at 12.00pm & 2.30pm
Two 30 minute sessions about anaerobic digestion and other ways we might handle our food waste and alternatives to septic tanks will be given by Dr Michelle Morrison from CPI UK, who is working with SAMs as part of a project on anaerobic digestion.

18 Feb at 10:30am
Stuart from BOB Broadband will be coming to talk about providing faster Broadband to Ellenabeich and Easdale Island.

February 2017


New Year Day Ceilidh and Panto

January is over already and it doesn't seem that long ago since two days of artistic performance. Thank you to all who came out on the 1st to get up on stage to do a turn or just came to watch (well done to the Ladies Choir for winning this year).
Secondly thank you to all who came to watch the Panto Alice in Easdaleland. It was a big success and helped raise close to £500 to support the Hall. Thanks to Keren for writing the script and pulling it all together. Time enough for a breather.

January 2017



This year's Annual General Meeting of Eilean Eisdeal is on Thursday 29th December at 2.30pm in Easdale Island Community Hall.

December 2016



Our condolences go out to Mary Withall and Jean Adams with the recent deaths of Peter Withall and Bert Baker: good friends and both having contributed much the island. Without Bert we would not have the World Stone Skimming Championships and we treasure his visit last year to give out the awards. They will both be sadly missed.

December 2016


Beth & Joe's wedding

Congratulations to Beth and Joe on their marriage on the island, in the hall. It was a great day and wishing them continued happiness. They looked wonderful.

November 2016


Finlay Ballantyne

Congratulations to Laura and Des on the recent birth of Finlay.

November 2016



Thank you to all for coming to the Fireworks we raised £100! Many thanks to Carolyn and the Sea Fari team for setting off the Easdale Display! Thank you to Don for running the BBQ.

November 2016


Buggy Shed Building

Planning permission for the buggy shed has been granted - please come along to the community effort on Easter weekend and help assemble it under the guidance of Don Gillies

March 2016


Table Tennis Table

The new table tennis table has arrived - many thanks to Michelle and family for assembling it. Bring your own bat and balls and have a game!

March 2016


Burns Supper

The Burns Supper will be in The Puffer on the 30th January - contact The Puffer on 300022 for tickets

January 2016


Easdale Panto

This year's Panto - Jack and the Beanstalk - was an overwhelming success, raising over £400 for the community

January 2016


New Director

Don Gillies was co-opted at the first meeting of Eilean Eisdeal directors after the AGM.

January 2016


Director changes

Keren stood down as chair and director at the AGM, after eight years. Eilean Eisdeal has benefitted enormously from her drive and vision, and will miss her sorely. The new office bearers are: Jan Fraser - chair, Jess Hill - secretary and Duncan Smallman remains treasurer.

December 2015



This year's Annual General Meeting of Eilean Eisdeal is on Tuesday 29th December at 2pm in Easdale Island community Hall

December 2015


Stone Skimming

Great weather this year and all in all the event ran seamlessly raising £7700 for community funds.

The Stone Skimming committee were delighted to see many new volunteers come forward to help on the day. They also managed to secure a sponsor for the quarry fee levied by Jonathan Feigenbaum.

Once again Forteith Foodservice in Oban donated a wealth of stock for the pre skim dance and the event itself for which we are very grateful.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, helpers, competitors and spectators for making the event another success.

September 2015


Atlantic Adventure day

Another successful fundraiser with slightly better weather than last year although it was still very windy which meant a very fast paced raft race down the harbour for competitors.

The ducks caused mayhem as they were blown off course and into the pontoons. Ferrymen were collecting them for weeks after the event. The swim over the sound was challenging with high tides and a large swell which was breaking over the swimmers heads.

Seafari trips round the island were eventful and most people got a good old fashioned soaking. The event raised £1000 for community funds.

August 2015


Easdale Museum Festival.

Sat 25th to Sun 26th July from 11am to 4pm.

Easdale Island Folk Museum is celebrating its 35th year. Held in Easdale Island Community Hall over two days, this year's Folk Museum Festival features: "How They Lived"; interactive wheat-weaving and children's embroidery; story telling; children's design competition; face painting; craft stalls and home baking.

July 2015


Community Hall Attic

A hall attic clear out was the next area to be tackled by members of the community. We were able to create a lot more space getting rid of many unwanted items and even raising £400 by selling a commercial grill that had been in the loft since the hall was built!

April 2015


Rush and Gush clear up

Community Clean Up of the area of land known as "The Rush and Gush" was a great success and has satisfied the demands from the Council for the area to be cleared up.

March 2015


Easdale Panto

A fantastic cast and crew performed A’ladd’in Easdale on Sat 3rd January and raised £426 for community funds.

Jan 2015


New Directors

The current directors are delighted to welcome Jess Hill, Linzi Ferguson and Michelle MacFadyen onto the board.

Jan 2015


Hall Events

For more info and ticket sales see the hall website

2 Jan 2017
Easdale Island Panto 2017: Alice In Easdaleland


And finally, the weather...


Easdale is a small island in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland, 16 miles south of Oban. 'Eilean Eisdeal', the Easdale Island Community Development Group, is a charitable organisation run by residents and friends of the island to carry out projects on the island of benefit to the community and with the long term aim of regeneration and sustainability for the island.

Eilean Eisdeal was set up in 1997. Its first major project, the renovation of a unique slate built hall on the island for use as an arts and community centre, was completed in May 2003. In 2005 funding was secured for the purchase of the island’s historic harbour and an adjacent area of land for community development. The regeneration and repair of the harbour continues to be an ongoing project.

Easdale Island Community Hall

Easdale Island Community Hall is host to the highly successful Eilean Eisdeal Arts Programme and other community activities and is also available for functions such as weddings and conferences. Details of Arts Programme events, the hall and its facilities, and how to go about booking the hall, are now available in our dedicated hall website at www.easdaleislandhall.org.

Easdale Island Folk Museum

The award winning Easdale Island Folk Museum was purchased by Eilean Eisdeal in 2008. Now under community ownership it offers employment and volunteer opportunities to the islanders. Please see our Museum website for more information.

Eilean Eisdeal would not be able to survive without your support. Any assistance you can offer, either in terms of ideas or your time, or by way of financial donation or membership, will be of invaluable help in furthering the preservation and future viability of this unique island.

If you have never been to Easdale Island, we hope you'll visit soon! Please see our accommodation page for somewhere to stay.

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